Serial Factoring (Thailand) was founded in September 9th, 2015 with authorized capital of one million bath. The authorized capital was increased to 300 million baht in May 13th, 2016. As a listed company in Singapore Stock Exchange, Serial Factoring is the major shareholder of 49%, 51% is Thai national stockholders’. Founded by the veterans in financial business with over two decades of experience, Serial Factoring (Thailand) identifies SME’s many business challenges. The company offers the financial business, designed to accommodate SMEs so they can have easier access to capital sources, and expand their growth opportunity. Developing new financial products that fit the business needs of business enterprise, Serial Factoring (Thailand) also offers the creative solutions for SMEs by providing them the all-around services: debt collecting, accounting management. Its services are developed as the solutions for SMEs’ challenges.

 Despite their business expertise, Thailand’s SMEs are always challenged by the difficult access to capital sources. Restrictions slows and sometimes obstructs SMEs’ business operation. Serial Factoring (Thailand) has identified the situation, and we are committed to prvide business enterprises with business solutions:

1. Financial product and services are developed and offered so that SMEs can gain easy access to capital sources which is vital to the business growth.
2. It’s our mission to increase out personnel’s efficiency and potentials in order to serve you better.
3. It’s our mission to build the strong work ethic and right attitudes within our organization, with good governance and transparency.

By searching for unconventional practice, we create innovative financial solution for business enterprise with limited access to capital sources essential to their business growth. We also provide professional financial and business consult rather than being a mere‘financial service provider’

To secure all business opportunities for all business enterprises.


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